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Asking For What You Want Is Daunting

October 3, 2019

But you should do it. Too often people in the workplace, particularly women, avoid the compensation conversation for fear of alienating their bosses. My advice: be brave. Get in there. Do your due diligence first. Review salary comparables. Build your case. Then get in there.

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The One Where I Learn To Play The Ukulele

September 27, 2019

Amanda Brinkman Interview: Quattlebaum Music

When I walked into Quattlebaum Music in Searcy, Arkansas, I had one thought: I want to play one of these beautiful instruments. And much to my delight, owner Greg Geroy was happy to oblige.

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Q&A With Leadership Expert Sue Hawkes

September 16, 2019

Amanda Brinkman Interview: Sue Hawkes

Sue Hawkes is one of those people who jumps out of bed and can’t wait to get started each morning. I marvel at her energy and talent. As a bestselling author, award-winning leader, certified business coach, and globally recognized award-winning seminar leader, Sue brings more than 25 years of business experience to her clients. She is CEO of YESS! and has designed and delivered dynamic, transformational programs for thousands of people.She is remarkable and I’m so grateful she agreed to talk with me about her career.

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Q&A: Maria Keller of Read Indeed

September 14, 2019

Amanda Brinkman Interview: Maria Keller

Maria Keller had a dream in 2009 to collect and distribute one million books by the time she turned 18. Remarkably, she was just eight years old at the time. That birthday has since come and gone and not only has she collected and distributed one million books, she’s collected and distributed more than two million books. And she isn’t stopping now.

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Meet the mom-preneur behind a powerful innovation in women’s clothing

September 10, 2019

Amanda Brinkman: Small Talks Interview: Tammi Relyea

I had a delightful time visiting with Tammi Relyea, founder of BRA-serie in Danville, CA. Relyea is a mom-preneur on a mission to reinvent the bra strap and build a global company that promotes a positive self-image for women of all ages.

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In Defense Of Daydreaming

August 29, 2019

In Defense of Daydreaming - Blog by Amanda Brinkman

I know what it’s like to be super-busy. There’s an adrenaline to it. A satisfaction. But I also believe in spending time at work day-dreaming. Yes, day-dreaming. It may seem like gratuitous non-busy time. But trust me, it’s actually extremely productive. Letting yourself dream about the possibilities of tomorrow can help you find insights that you can implement today.

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Take A Look At My Interview With Inspiring Candle Maker Tina Richardson

August 27, 2019


I so enjoyed my discussion with Tina Richardson, the proprietor of Hometown Candle Co (formerly Reclaimed Heart) in Arlington, WA. She has one of the most fun jobs I can imagine for a small business owner. She makes beautiful candles, right there in her store. It takes her 72 hours to pour a candle to selling it and she shows me the process and even lets me try my hand at it. So fun. I didn’t even burn my fingers.

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Q&A: Nancy Lyons, founder of digital agency Clockwork

August 20, 2019


Nancy Lyons is a CEO, entrepreneur, and all-around good human. She has made it her life’s work to champion a human-centered approach to business. She’s someone I deeply admire and I was grateful for our exchange

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Take Inspiration From My “Small Talks” Interview With Kevin Diedrich Of Pacific Cocktail Haven

August 5, 2019

Amanda Brinkman: Small Talks Interview: Kevin Diedrich

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Kevin Diedrich, the general manager of the nationally renowned Pacific Cocktail Haven in San Francisco. He didn’t start out in the hospitality industry. He was an IT guy for five years but didn’t like it.

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Slow Is Smooth and Smooth Is Fast

July 24, 2019


I love this phrase. It’s from the U.S. Navy Seals. It’s a reminder that the best way to move fast in a professional setting is to take your time, slow down, and do the job right. Start with a deep breath. Take another. Consider your options. And then move. Slow, smooth, fast.

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