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Q&A: Pam Borton, basketball coaching legend, book author and executive coach

July 15, 2019


I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that, when the University of Minnesota women’s basketball team made the Final Four in 2004, it was among Minnesota’s most memorable sports moments from the past quarter-century. And Pam Borton was the coach who led them there. She’s since moved on to an amazing new phase in her career: writing business books, serving as an executive coach, and lending her leadership skills to such inspiring organizations as Team Women. I was delighted to learn more about her philosophy toward teams and life, and I hope you will be too.

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Check Out My “Small Talks” Interview With Rose and Steve Selko of Cañon City Lanes

July 8, 2019


I recently had the great joy of visiting with Rose and Steve Selko of Cañon City Lanes in Cañon City, Colorado, as part of our “Small Talks” video series. They have a remarkable story. They weren’t exactly looking to get into the bowling business. But when the alley closed earlier in the year after being open since 1960,they couldn’t stand to see it shuttered. (A friendly nudge from their son, who is now the operations manager, helped.)

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What Peyton, Pink and Prince Can Teach Us About Using Public Platforms For Good

June 27, 2019


“Stick to your job.” “Stay in your lane.” “Don’t mix business with the personal.” This is what some people say about discussing non-work issues on public platforms. I say the opposite. Think broadly. Get out of your lane. Bring your social convictions to work. Mostly, don’t be afraid to be yourself. And if you need inspiration, look to the examples set by Peyton Manning, Pink, and Prince.

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Q&A: Meenal Patel, author of children’s books on growing up in India

June 25, 2019


Meenal Patel is an illustrator, graphic designer, children’s book author and ceramics artist. She grew up in Minneapolis but now lives in San Francisco. She has spent more than a decade doing design work at Minneapolis creative agency KNOCK. Along the way she was also working on a collection of personal projects, including authoring, illustrating and publishing her first children’s book: “Neela Goes to San Francisco,”which is now available instores throughout thearea and online. It was a pleasure chatting withPatel about her reasons for writing the book and why the world needs more diverse voices in publishing.

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Watch My “Small Talks” Interview With The Amazing Zubin Bhettay of Fuzzy Pet Health

June 10, 2019


I recently had the great pleasure of visiting with Zubin Bhettay of Fuzzy Pet Health in San Francisco as part of our “Small Talks” video series. He has such an inspiring story. He started out his career raising millions and helping launch software company DoubleDutch. He then went on in 2015 to found Fuzzy, which makes veterinary visits affordable and accessible through a membership model. He shared with me his irresistible elevator pitch and offered three tips for securing investors for your startup.

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Why Serving On a Non-Profit Board Could Pay Off Big In Your Career

May 29, 2019


Endless to-do lists. Relentless notifications. Phone blowing up. It seems like everyone today is crazy busy. Who has time to serve on a non-profit board?

As outlined in my latest Forbes article, I would suggest that you do, even though you might not think it’s doable. The reason: the right role won’t feel like a sacrifice of time; it will feel like an investment in your career. You will learn how to do things and sharpen skills that can help you advance in your job, such as manage budgets and advise leadership. Those are good skills to have. And you will do some good along the way.

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Best Buy Is Showing Great Leadership With Its Teen Tech Centers

May 24, 2019


Did you know that Best Buy is investing millions of dollars into teen tech centers designed to light a spark in the imaginations of tomorrow’s leaders? It’s an incredibly ambitious, inspiring and forward-thinking program. I asked Andrea Wood, head of social impact for the company, to tell us more about the program and she kindly obliged.

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Q&A: Ellen Walthour, executive director of The BrandLab

May 21, 2019


Ellen Walthour is CEO of The BrandLab, a Minneapolis non-profit dedicated to increasing diversity in the marketing industry. She is bringing real change to an area that has long had much discussion and little action. She’s bringing the action. I have tremendous admiration for what she does and how she does it, with high energy and tremendous passion, and I loved learning about her fascinating career path.

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Q&A: Joan Steffend, author of “… And She Sparkled”

April 29, 2019


Joan Steffend is someone who radiates kindness. You felt it when you watched her as an on-air reporter at KARE-TV in Minneapolis and host on HGTV. You feel it in the inspirational books she writes. You absorb it when you hear her speak or spend time with her. She’s a public figure who has made gratitude and warmth her personal and professional priorities and I just couldn’t admire her more. I was grateful to her for telling us more about her journey.

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April Is A Time Of Renewal

April 8, 2019


Do you know how you can sometimes sense a mood in the air? A yearning? A desire for something new? I feel it when traveling around the country. Maybe it’s the fact it’s springtime. Or maybe it’s something more.

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