Public Speaking Can Be Fun (Seriously)

Jan 28 2019

Let’s face it, public speaking is not high on the lists of things that most people enjoy. But it honestly is for me. I look forward to getting up in front of audience. I find it stimulating and exciting. I would do it every day if I could. (OK, maybe not every day, but I truly do enjoy it).

Has it always been this way for me? Heck no. I used to get nervous about public speaking as much as anyone. But I practiced. I found my style. I gained confidence. I knew that improving public speaking skills would help me move forward in my career. And it’s paid off for me.

Today, I frequently speak on many topics, including my Doing Well By Doing Good philosophy.

But there are things I wish that people would’ve told me about public speaking. And that’s why I wrote an article featuring tips on how to master it.

I love public speaking. So can you. I present seven tips for getting comfortable in my latest piece for Forbes, which you can read here.

Try them. Before you know it, you’ll be ready for a TEDx Talk of your own.