Take A Look At My Interview With Inspiring Candle Maker Tina Richardson

Aug 27 2019


I so enjoyed my discussion with Tina Richardson, the proprietor of Hometown Candle Co (formerly Reclaimed Heart) in Arlington, WA. She has one of the most fun jobs I can imagine as a small business owner. She makes beautiful candles, right there in her store. It takes 72 hours to pour a candle and get it read to sell. She shows me the process and even lets me try my hand at it. So fun. I didn’t even burn my fingers!

What makes Richardson’s business particularly wonderful is how she manages to do well by doing good, which is my personal mantra. Tina donates part of her proceeds to services that help people recover from addiction. I love that she uses her candles to help people who may be flying too close to the flaming life. Very inspiring. And I appreciate that she turned to Deluxe to partner with our logo design team to help her reimagine her brand.