The One Where I Learn To Play The Ukulele

Sep 27 2019

Amanda Brinkman Interview: Quattlebaum Music

When I walked into Quattlebaum Music in Searcy, Arkansas, I had one thought: I want to play one of these beautiful instruments. And much to my delight, owner Greg Geroy was happy to oblige. I’m not about to give Taylor Swift a run for her money but I did learn how to strum a few chords. And I did learn how Geroy and his team have thrived as a small business for more than 45 years: by treating its staff and customers as family. That’s been Geroy’s approach throughout his career, going back to when he started out in fast-food management. I had such a fun time visiting with him in his inspiring shop and am grateful he indulged in my rock star fantasies. In fact in our interview he was the rock star.