What Peyton, Pink and Prince Can Teach Us About Using Public Platforms For Good

Jun 27 2019


“Stick to your job.” “Stay in your lane.” “Don’t mix business with the personal.” This is what some people say about discussing non-work issues on public platforms. I say the opposite. Think broadly. Get out of your lane. Bring your social convictions to work. Mostly, don’t be afraid to be yourself. And if you need inspiration, look to the examples set by Peyton Manning, Pink, and Prince.

I studied the way each of these remarkable public figures used their platforms for good in my most recent Forbes article.

It’s my feeling that consumers, particularly young people, who are resistant to the hard sell, admire it when leaders speak from a place of authenticity, even if the topic is removed from business. So, I say speak up. Find your voice. Bring your whole self to work. It worked for Prince, who regularly held concerts to support anti-violence initiatives. It can work for you, too.