Won’t You Meet Your Neighbor? Don’t Overlook the Power of Co-Marketing

Jul 2 2018

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There’s a new documentary about Mr. Rogers, who made neighborliness a virtue. And some have commented on the timeliness of the film, which highlights Mr. Rogers’ positive voice during such a polarized time in America.

What people don’t often say about him, but I will, is that he must have also been a great businessman. And it’s always a great time to focus on the importance of human connection. Mr. Rogers’ show was syndicated all over the world and seen by millions. I imagine his commitment to neighborly communication played a big role in that success. And it can play a similar role in yours.

I wrote a piece for Forbes about the lost art of in-person communications. It’s so tempting these days to rely exclusively on digital exchanges. Resist that urge! Stop and talk to people in your orbit, whether it’s business owners up the street or companies that share your customer base. Start by saying hello. It’s just that simple. People don’t do it as much anymore, which is a shame. It’s worth it. It can pay off in new business or good will. Either way, you win. And you will feel great doing it.

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